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JRG Industreis specializes in industrial manipulators for all types of applications. For years, they have took customers specifications based on product size and work cells, and offered the most ergonomic and economic solution possible on the market today. If your company is in need of this kind of device, do not hesitate to contact us today!


After installing a lifting device, the next step to complete your solution is the right below the hook device. Do not spare valuable time putting generic straps and hooks on your parts, and have the experts design end tooling that will be catered to your parts. This will save time and ensure the safest lift possible for your product.


Are you ready to take your work cell to the next level with a new material handling system? Request a quote and get the industries best equipment tailored for your specific needs. JRG Industries is ready to work with you and your company to get you the solution you have been looking for. Quality products and excellent service is one click away.

JRG Handling Systems are specialists in ergonomic material handling and special engineered cranes & hoists headquartered in Houston, Texas serving Texas and Louisiana. Our strategy may sound old fashioned but integrity and honesty is what has built our family owned business since 1983. We pay great attention to our customers' needs, always deal with customers directly and frequently provide in plant demonstrations. Quality products and excellent service is what we have built our companies foundation on for years, and is what earns our customers repetitive business. Building the best ergonomic lift assist with our array of products has been a successful recipe leaving hundreds of satisfied customers for decades. We personally inspect and oversee all aspects from part specifications, purchased components, and installation. Please contact us today for assistance with your applications.  We also welcome inquiries from customers outside the Texas and Louisiana area.



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Lockrey Manufacturing is sister companies with AIMCO Manufacturing, providing them with precision machining and fabrication for their material handling systems. This partnership began in 1993, and has been growing ever since. When working together as a team, the two businesses can collaborate with engineering and manufacturing to provide precision parts, as well as the most competitive lead times in the market today. This is just one of hundreds of examples that showcase the versatility of Lockrey's capabilities. Not only are parts lasered, machined, formed, and welded in house, but they also have powder coating done on site. This truly is a one stop shop when it comes to a complete solution for your parts. Take a look at some of AIMCO's systems to get a glimpse of some of Lockrey's recent work in the material handling industry. Quality is what keeps our customers coming back, time after time, and will continue to be the key to our success as we grow as business and industry leader.


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One of the best selling lifting devices for JRG Industries, is the G-Force iQ for its high quality manufacturing, reliable servos, and intelligent lift capabilities. There is a multitude of options that can be picked from when choosing this device for your application. Slide handles, remote mount pendants, and force sensing hubs are just some of the control features you can get with the G-Force. The electric and pneumatic power can be festooned down to the end tooling, and actually swivel 360° via the G360 mechanism at the end of the coil. This is a major advantage when using the unit with some below the hook tooling that requires pneumatic power. Gorbel has proven itself as an industry leader in lifting devices and cranes by providing quality products and service. JRG has been a major distributor of Gorbel's products for years, and can lend you their expertise when finding the right fit for your facility. Give JRG a call today and begin your journey to the perfect material handling solution.



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Vacuum handling devices are able to provide operators with a quick, safe, and ergonomic material handling solution. Schmalz has brought high end technology to this sector of the industry, and JRG Industries has integrated their products and systems into many companies around the country. The Schmalz JumboFlex is  large tube lifter capable of quickly lifting heavy sheets of material, and has great success being incorporated with various crane styles. Unimove is another vacuum handling corporation that JRG has implemented in various applications. They also have used vacuum tube lifters to bring ease of use to operators who struggled moving their parts and products beforehand. Another vacuum lifting company JRG frequently uses is Anver. They also have a line of tube lifters, along with cups, level compensator's, up-enders, and other various vacuum lifting equipment. To learn more about the different vacuum products JRG Industries can offer you, please click the link below.

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