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Specified For You

The structure of your material handling project can starts with specifying what equipment is needed. Cranes, hoists, tooling, controls, tube lifters, and fall protection are some of the main pieces of equipment you may require. JRG will work with your team to evaluate exactly what is needed, and come up with a world-class solution.

Our Partnerships

JRG partners with the best manufacturers of material handling equipment. High quality products, that are engineered to last, are essential to success.


Pneumatic and electrical controls are available in several different styles and configurations. JRG can recommend the best fit for the work process in your facility.

Pneumatic Controls

If your equipment is being powered by shop air, you will be using pneumatic controls to operate it. These can range from push buttons, slide handles, and paddle shifters based on your application. Please look below at a variety of air powered controls that JRG has to offer:

Mounted Push Buttons

Having pistol grip style push buttons is a very ergonomic way to incorporate multiple controls. These are usually put on a handlebar with attached shaft collars, and can also incorporate triggers for extra safety controls.

JRG Play Button

Pivoting and Vertical Slide Handles

To keep an ergonomic envelope during your lift, considering using pivoting or vertical slide handles. These devices will keep the operators hands in an optimal position while using the provided equipment.

JRG Play Button

Electrical Controls

When using electric powered hoists, the controls will be wired and dropped from a suspended pendant in most cases. Wireless remotes can also be integrated into these hoists to provide even more safety for the operator.

Vacuum Controls

Flat parts, like sheet metal, are great for vacuuming tooling due to their smooth and non-porous surface. There are several options that JRG has for these tools, including standard economical units, and custom designed ones. These systems can run off either electrical power or shop air, depending on the customers needs.

Let's work together

We are ready to discuss your latest material handling project. If you have basic questions, please send us a brief message and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please use the "Request For Quote" form if you have all of the project details and are ready for pricing.

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