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Specified For You

The structure of your material handling project can starts with specifying what equipment is needed. Cranes, hoists, tooling, controls, tube lifters, and fall protection are some of the main pieces of equipment you may require. JRG will work with your team to evaluate exactly what is needed, and come up with a world-class solution.

Our Partnerships

JRG partners with the best manufacturers of material handling equipment. High quality products, that are engineered to last, are essential to success.

Tube Lifters

Tube lifters are vacuum lifting units that use the vacuum tube as the lifting device. Once the vacuum cup has engaged the part, the tube can then be lowered or raised. JRG offers the following styles:

Standard Tube Lifters

When handling simple boxes, bags, or bails, a standard tube lifting system could be the best fit. These lifters have external power units the run off of 460v 3Ph power (alternative power available). JRG can also design a crane along with these units to give your work cell the best coverage.

UniMove CM500

One of the most economical and versatile tube lifters is the UniMove CM 500. It has the capacity of 140 lbs. on non-porous loads, and up to 110 lbs. on porous loads. Use the link below to see some examples of this lifter in use:

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Schmalz JumboFlex 35/50

The Schmalz flex series incorporates an inline trigger handle design. The handle lends itself to an ergonomic and easy to use device that is intuitive to any operator. Check out some JumboFlex examples by Schmalz:

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Custom Tube Lifters

When a standard tube lifting solution isn't available, JRG will work with OEM vendors to get a customized lifter to meet your process requirements. This can range from custom cups, orientations, rotations, among various other options. Here are some of the customizations that are frequently used:

Multiple Cup Tube Lifter

If your workcell needs to lift the same parts off a conveyor onto a pallet, then a multiple cup tool may be a great fit. These can be configured to lift multiple parts, as well as use multiple cups on a singular part:

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Tilting Tube Lifter

Some work flows will require parts to be tilted 90° when picked or placed. JRG offers multiple solutions for this with tube lifters, which often are manual tilts that use gravity on clevis points:

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