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Specified For You

The structure of your material handling project can starts with specifying what equipment is needed. Cranes, hoists, tooling, controls, tube lifters, and fall protection are some of the main pieces of equipment you may require. JRG will work with your team to evaluate exactly what is needed, and come up with a world-class solution.

Our Partnerships

JRG partners with the best manufacturers of material handling equipment. High quality products, that are engineered to last, are essential to success.


The most important part of your material handling system is the structure. JRG offers the highest quality cranes, from the world's leading manufacturers.

Jib Cranes

One of the most versatile styles of lifting structures are jib cranes. By using a main column, the footprint of crane is greatly reduced. In most cases, a 360° movement can maximize your coverage. Some of the main style jib cranes JRG provides are Work Station Jib Cranes, Aluminum Boom Jib Cranes, I-Beam Jib Cranes, and Articulating Jib Cranes:

Workstation Jib Cranes

Save on space without sacrificing strength and coverage by using a Gorbel Workstation Jib Crane. From capacities of 150 lbs. to 1,000 lbs., these versatile enclosed track cranes will last through the rigorous use of everyday production.

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Articulating Jib Cranes

Another product offered from AIMCO is the articulating jib. These jib's include primary and secondary arms, both with 360° swivels, and with internal airlines. They integrate perfect with rigid applications, and can handle 250 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. of weight.

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Bridge Cranes

When your work cell needs total coverage, from corner to corner, a bridge crane is the best option. You can also incorporate multiple bridges to zone out different work areas. The runways can be mounted either to freestanding posts lagged into the ground, or suspended overhead to avoid forklift traffic.

Freestanding Workstation Cranes

JRG will design a bridge crane system to be an exact fit to your plant layout. From capacities of 150 lbs. to 4,000 lbs., these cranes are made to handle heavy requirements, with the ease of a push/pull enclosed track.

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Ceiling Mounted Workstation Cranes

Floor room is always valuable in any work space. If traffic is heavy around your work station, consider using a ceiling mounted crane system. JRG offers several different designs to connect to your overhead structure safely.

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Monorail Cranes

Keeping your operation simple is key to preventing injuries and maintaining efficiency. If movement is only needed in one direction, then a monorail crane is a perfect fit. Having one rail of travel eliminates a side to side motion, and can speed up assembly line tasks.

Ceiling Mounted Monorails

An overhead monorail will have the smallest footprint possible in a work station. These structures are great for avoiding floor traffic, and allow the operator to easily travel with their payload.

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We are ready to discuss your latest material handling project. If you have basic questions, please send us a brief message and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please use the "Request For Quote" form if you have all of the project details and are ready for pricing.

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