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Specified For You

The structure of your material handling project can starts with specifying what equipment is needed. Cranes, hoists, tooling, controls, tube lifters, and fall protection are some of the main pieces of equipment you may require. JRG will work with your team to evaluate exactly what is needed, and come up with a world-class solution.

Our Partnerships

JRG partners with the best manufacturers of material handling equipment. High quality products, that are engineered to last, are essential to success.


Reliability starts with the lifting device for your material handling system. JRG provides the highest quality hoists with high duty ratings to keep your production moving.

Pneumatic Hoists

When harnessing the power of shop air, pneumatic hoists will run with the speed of the operator. These aluminum bodied head units are made to last, even in the harshest conditions. Please read more below about the air hoists that are commonly used in JRG work cells:

Electric Hoists

When only electric power is required for a lifting job, JRG has several hoist options that will fit the your needs. From the most basic push pendant options, to completely custom wireless remote options, our engineering team will curate the best solution for your work cell and process.

Rigid Lifting Devices

If you need to lift an off-center load, a rigid lift device is essential for safety and speed of your operation. This will keep an even, steady operation and prevent swinging from a typical chain hoist. Below we show our main AIMCO devices that are used for rigid lifts in JRG manipulators:


The AIMCO TorqLIFT is a perfect solution for picking and manipulating offset loads. This rigid arm uses a combination of an air cylinder with a vertical linear rod and bearing. These lifts can handle up to 1,000 lbs.

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This rigid lift incorporates an air hoist to pull a trolley vertically on a linear rail and bearing. These lifting arms can be used on articulating jibs, boom jibs, and bridge cranes. They can handle up to 1,000 lb. loads.

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Intelligent Lifting Devices

Intelligent lifting devices come with on-board computer systems that integrate with your work cell. These types of hoists are useful in environments where precision is key, as the servo motors can be used incrementally to gently move loads.

Gorbel G-Force

The Gorbel G-Force is an intelligent lift device that has features such as float mode, vertical limits, speed adjustments, and programmability. These hoist range in capacities from 165 lbs. up to 1,320 lbs., and can be used on a variety of cranes.

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Gorbel Easy Arm

The Gorbel Easy Arm is a turnkey system that incorporates the Gorbel G-Force at the primary swivel of an articulating jib. This reduces the end of arm weight, making manipulation easier for the operator. These units can be sized for up to 1,320 lbs.

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We are ready to discuss your latest material handling project. If you have basic questions, please send us a brief message and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please use the "Request For Quote" form if you have all of the project details and are ready for pricing.

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