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Specified For You

The structure of your material handling project can starts with specifying what equipment is needed. Cranes, hoists, tooling, controls, tube lifters, and fall protection are some of the main pieces of equipment you may require. JRG will work with your team to evaluate exactly what is needed, and come up with a world-class solution.

Our Partnerships

JRG partners with the best manufacturers of material handling equipment. High quality products, that are engineered to last, are essential to success.

JRG Industries has teamed up with AIMCO Manufacturing to come up with a pneumatic inline slide handle that will pair with air hoist. The JRG Lift has went through several design iterations, and has been proven out in the field to withstand daily use in production.

JRG Lift™ Inline Design

To make the most intuitive handle, AIMCO created an inline design that incorporates a 360° swivel at the hook. By rearranging internal JD Neuhaus control valves, the handle moves incrementally and can be feathered from precision pick and place operations.

Autopick Example

Pneumatic Hoist Compatible

The JRG Lift handle is made to be compatible with most air hoist, and has been made to integrate seamlessly with JD Neuhaus Mini hoists. These handles can also be used with other air hoist manufacturers such as Harrington Cheetah hoists.

JRG Lift for 5-Gallon Pails

JRG Lift™ Built to Last

This handle has went through four different design iterations, to bring you now a 1,000 lb. capacity. It has been proven to last with the harshest environments, with little to no maintenance. The outer shell is custom printed with highly durable composite material, while the interior is constructed of solid steel.

JRG Lift™ With AIMCO Cranes
JRG Cranes

Get the coverage you need, designed to fit your workspace.

To begin laying out your work cell and process, a crane needs to be determined. A good starting point is deciding how much area coverage is needed for an operator to perform their task. After this is established, JRG can inform project engineers of different choices based on that parameter. They will make a recommendation that will be the most cost effective and efficient.

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JRG Hoists

Lift with a reliable hoist to keep production moving.

Hoists are crucial to your material handling needs. JRG will specify the exact equipment based on your capacity, power, and vertical travel requirements.

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JRG Tooling

Getting the right tool for the job.

JRG specializes in customized tooling to give you a turnkey solution. Even in the quoting phase, they will provide detailed descriptions, concepts, and references to communicate effectively with project engineers.

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JRG Installations

Have your equipment perform its best with a quality installation.

JRG offers a full installation team to give an efficient and quality install. Some of the services include crane installation, festooning energy lines, floor anchoring, and much more.

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Let's work together

We are ready to discuss your latest material handling project. If you have basic questions, please send us a brief message and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please use the "Request For Quote" form if you have all of the project details and are ready for pricing.

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